nessMediaCenter 1.7.2 & nessViewer 3.7.2 for Mac available


In these versions, we have dealt mainly with the iTunes control of the media center. Preliminary thanks again to Robert – without this intensive contact and exchange of wishes and critique, our applications would not have been so much improved.
And a user who writes 3 reviews for nessMediaCenter within a short time – initially with a lot of criticism, and finally full of praise (but still with criticism because of missing functionality, that we have hopefully eliminated with the next MAS version) – that happens not so often…

We have not only improved the iTunes control and the access to it, but also integrated the music playback of shared user playlists.

We have also improved the information about access permission problems in the media center of the Mac App Store (MAS) version of nessMediaCenter. We uploaded the MAS version earlier this week – so it should be available middle of next week.

Keywords: control, cover, iTunes, library, mediacenter, music, Playback, playlist