Media presentation: sort & endless


Jacob has brought us through his criticism of another media center on very good ideas: "sorting, search, random or repeat".

Different sorting (eg by name or path) at the media presentation we find a good idea, but even better is of course a random order for example in music videos. And then endless - so after playing all videos, a new random order and over again ... we are wondering that we had not this idea as a lover of music videos. :-)

These new features are available in the pre-release version of nessViewer if several videos (eg a folder) are selected and the media presentation is started. Then in the media presentation menu "Sorting" and "Endless" can be found.

We can only not agree to the search function: in our opinion, a media center allows quick access to media (via remote control) - and typing a search term is not one of them. For such functions we see (and use) better options than a media center.

With the next official release of nessMediaCenter and nessViewer these new functions are then available for all.

Keywords: endless, media center, Media Presentation, random, sort