nessViewer 3.3 for Mac available (DLNA)


As already announced, nessViewer supports now DLNA (UPnP) to access content from DLNA media servers.
Particular pleasant using Mac OS X 10.7 or newer: even MPEG2 movies can now be presented if stored on a NAS for example.  That means that even EyeTV movies can now be played by nessViewer using the DLNA browser (instead of launching EyeTV).
BluRay players are still not accessible by the DLNA browser because the only BluRay player we had for testing do not offer this feature.

The default audio selection for DVD playback, which was already integrated in nessMediaCenter, is now available for nessViewer as well.

Another new feature is the crash reporter which allows it to send bug reports to us instead Apple.

Some internet provider content was adapted as well.
These adaptions were made for nessMediaCenter as well but without releasing a new version. To use the new version, please download the updated application and install it manually.

Keywords: DLNA, DVD, EyeTV movies, MPEG2, NAS