nessMediaCenter App 1.4 for AppleTV available


In this version of the nessMediaCenter App, we have revised and extended the control of the media presentation through the Siri remote control.

Previously, when presenting multiple media, the previous or next media (picture/movie) could be selected by swiping on the Siri Touch surface – but only for pictures, as the swipe for movies is intercepted by the movie system routines.
In addition, the movie presentation was zoomed by double-pressing on the touch surface – regardless of the position (left/middle/right). This also zoomed when, for example, you double-pressed on the right side of the touch surface to skip forward in the movie.

Instead of swiping on the Siri Touch surface, touching the touch surface is now evaluated – left to select the previous medium, right to select the next medium. This works for both pictures and movies.

For movies, the position on the touch surface is now also evaluated: the movie is only zoomed if you double-press on the middle of the touch surface. Pressing or double-pressing left/right will skip backward/forward in the movie without zooming.

To evaluate the position on the touch surface, the game controller functions had to be used in addition to the standard Siri functions.

Unfortunately, it was only after the release of this version that we found out that the App crashes as soon as a text field is selected in the settings. The background is the evaluation of the position on the touch surface or rather a routine that determines the current view (media center, media presentation, settings). After eliminating the bug, we immediately uploaded version 1.4.1 for Apple review.
Unfortunately, further tests then showed that this routine – which has been used unchanged for years – also causes a crash if the App is moved to the background while a presentation is running. We have now revised this routine and immediately uploaded version 1.4.2 for Apple review. This version has now been released.

Keywords: Apple, AppStore, MediaCenter, Remote Control, Siri, TV, tvOS