nessMediaCenter 1.4 & nessViewer 3.4 for Mac available


In the past the media center and media presentation were (only) controllable by keyboard, Apple remote control and "NV Remote" on iPhone and iPod touch.

Now the media center and media presentation can additionally be controlled by trackpad, (magic) mouse and mouse / scroll wheel.

The media center can be controlled by swiping up & down, clicking the left mouse button to select (or open / present) the current entry or moving up one level by clicking the right button.

The media presentation can be controlled by swiping right & left to select the next & previous media entry (or to jump forward & backward if just one movie is selected) or by clicking the right mouse button to show the presentation menu.

More of these (gesture) events - like rotating and zooming - will be implemented in the 64 bit versions.

Keywords: center, Control, magic, media, MediaCenter, mouse, present, Presentation, trackpad, wheel