nessMediaCenter 1.4.2 & nessViewer 3.4.2 for Mac available


Every now and then we learn through user feedback and can improve our applications. This time Michael has convinced us that iPhoto events should be accessible in addition to iPhoto albums in the media center.

iPhoto events are automatically generated for each media import. As long as media belonging together are imported in one step, events are a great feature - but if multiple new media are imported into an album then it is getting complicated. Although you can then connect events, in our view this was far more complicated than simply to use only albums.

In addition, events also offer fewer features: the content of an event can not be arranged manually and multiple events can not be grouped in a folder. If you work for a long time with iPhoto, then many events are generated which results in a long list in the MediaCenter.

However, Michael has convinced us: if you connect for example a camera, then you can simply import the new media - done. Perhaps the new event must be renamed, but using albums is more complicated: first you have to create a new album, then it must be renamed and then you can start to import. Albums are rather a collection of the best shots for Michael.

Two different approaches - both with advantages and disadvantages. Now you can decide which approache you prefer by (de)activating albums and events in the menu settings of the preferences.

Robert has informed us that iTunes playlists are not selectable if playlist folders exist. We fixed that bug.

Some provider adaptions were necessary as well.

Keywords: albums, events, iPhoto, iTunes, media center, playlists