nessViewer 2.8.3 available (entertainment/music collection


Beside the movie collection, the MediaCenter of nessViewer is now also offering entertainment and music collections.

In the past we offered these link collections by media shows which were available at the download area; now we invested a lot of work to be able to offer these collections at the MediaCenter: nessViewer can now save media shows as XML file, a PHP script parses these XML files for the MediaCenter, and the MediaCenter is only loading the preview of the current entry. This way the entries are loaded quick enough to make even media shows available which e.g. are greater than 60 MB.

In the provider dropdown menu of the integrated browser, now the movie collection is also selectable. This makes it easier to search for certain movies - and each movie can be started by clicking on the preview of a movie.

At YouTube half of its cinema movies are now not available any more: one reason is the idea to earn money by loaning the movies, the other reason are copyright complaints.
The MyVideo offer were also adapted to its changes.

Keywords: collection, entertainment, MediaCenter, music, MyVideo, YouTube