nessMediaCenter 1.3.6 & nessViewer 3.3.3 for Mac available


Arte and ARD mediathek videos can now be played without the Flash player. These are really good news because Flash is a security risk in our opinion.

The Austrian internet offer has been extended and offers now "Aktuell" (news) and "Am Punkt" (political discussions). For the Austrian, Dutch and Swiss internet offer we added images and informations at the overview (similar to the German internet overview).

Additionally we adapted some internet provider offers, so now everything is available again.

If you are using the adult offer, then you should also download and install the extension. Meanwhile more than 1600 links to videos of several providers have been added to the collection, which is now also available at the media center of nessMediaCenter and nessViewer. The collection is also available in the integrated browser (as before) and can now be sorted by newest entries.

Keywords: ARD, Arte, ATV, collection, Flash, media, media center, Media Presentation