QuickTime (32 bit) for Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)


If Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) is installed by updating a older Mac OS X version, then QuickTime (32 bit) is usually available. The 32 bit versions of nessMediaCenter and nessViewer are based on this.

But if Mac OS X 10.9 is installed by a "clean install", then QuickTime (32 bit) might not be available and must be installed manually. Apple has written a manual for this.

We are working on a 64 bit version of nessMediaCenter and nessViewer since Mac OS X 10.7, which is based on "AV Foundation" instead of QuickTime. But these 64 bit versions are only available on request because we are not satisfied with the scope of features at the moment.

With Mac OS X 10.9 it is possible for the first time to identify incompatible movies and to convert these movies. We added the functionality to edit movies within nessViewer as well.

But we are still working on 2 solutions:
1.) The movie presentation of incompatible movies without conversion.
2.) The presentation of QuickTime VR (panorama) movies.

Keywords: 10.9, 64 bit, Apple, Mac OS X, Mavericks, movie, Presentation, QuickTime VR