nessViewer 2.4 available (DVD and film cover, movie trailer)


After several discussions with users how nessViewer could integrate DVD and (EyeTV-) film covers, we now found a (as we think very good) solution: the film info (see File-New) now allows to set the cover and description and these informations will be displayed in the MediaCenter.

These informations will be saved in the DVD folder respectively EyeTV film package or in the user folder.
The latter allows to set these informations also for (QuickTime-) movies.

Now the times are gone were the MediaCenter shows a different image for EyeTV films each time after watching this film - because EyeTV always changes the image afterwards.

Next plan is the export of all these film informations as HTML, XML or RSS feed for publishing these film informations.

Last but not least: the MediaCenter now also offers movie trailers in German and English.

Keywords: cover, DVD, film, MediaCenter, movie, trailer