nessViewer (64 bit) 3.9.5 for Mac available


As with nessMediaCenter, we have now fixed a bug in nessViewer caused by macOS 11 (Big Sur) and macOS 10.15 (Catalina) so that longer titles and descriptions are displayed correctly again in the MediaCenter.

In addition, we have improved the movie editing so that movies with different orientations (portrait, landscape) can now be joined together in a better way.
The system routines (AVFoundation) unfortunately place the individual tracks at the top or left. When joining, the offset is now calculated in order to place these tracks centered.

The prerequisite for this was maintaining the orientation. Up to now, a movie was displayed correctly after opening, even if recorded in portrait mode, but after the first editing (e.g. to delete a section) the movie was displayed horizontally. And then had to be rotated to the right once.

Now this orientation is retained even after editing. The changes required for this should also be achieved with less code at the same time, which was not easy and took several attempts. We are all the more pleased that it has now worked.

Keywords: 64 bit, edit, editing, MediaCenter, movie, nessViewer