nessViewer (64 bit) 4.0.1 for Mac available


When exporting (edited) TV recordings, the aspect ratio may not have been recognized correctly: movies with a height of 560 pixels and a width of 1024 pixels, for example, may have had an incorrect width after export.
This is all the more surprising because the aspect ratio (AVVideoPixelAspectRatioKey) was previously specified during export.
In this version, the aspect ratio is no longer explicitly specified – by specifying the correct width and height, the aspect ratio results anyway.

Through feedback from Denis, it became apparent that random MAC addresses have not yet been completely correctly recognized: since version 3.9.6, most random MAC addresses have been recognized correctly, but unfortunately not all of them.
This error has now been fixed.

We also found a few other minor bugs that have also been fixed.

Keywords: 64 bit, edit, editing, movie, nessViewer