nessViewer App 2.2.1 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch available


As previously reported we have now also added the video processing to the iOS version of nessViewer.

In addition to trimming videos, it is now also possible to delete a part of a video – a functionality that is missing in the “Photos App”. But if you have recorded a longer video and you want to remove in the middle of the video a section, then that was so far not so easy.

And so it goes:

  1. Select “Open File”.
  2. In the action menu button (available on the iPhone only in landscape format), select “Import file from Photos App”, select the video and import it.
  3. Open the video, select a section, and either select “trim” or “delete”. This can also be repeated several times.
  4. Save the video.

If you want to have the edited video back in the “Photos App”, then select in the action menu button “Add Movie to Photos App”.

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