nessViewer App 1.4.3 rejected by Apple


Unfortunately the current version 1.4.3 of nessViewer App was rejected by Apple.
Currently we can not understand the reason for this - but we are trying to clarify with Apple their statement ("The app is not using the WebKit in a appropriate manner in the integrated browser.").
The rejection is surprising us in particular because all previous versions were released by Apple and we did not change anything at the integrated browser.

Until the clarification and release of the new version some of the internet offers (e.g. Free Movies Cinema) are not working (or - even worse - will lead to a crash of the app) - these errors were fixed in version 1.4.3.

As always we can only offer to send us the UDID of your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch - with the UDID we can send you a pre-release of version 1.4.3.

Keywords: Apple, Internet TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod