nessMediaCenter App 1.3 for AppleTV available


nessMediaCenter App for AppleTV now supports endless media playback.

If endless playback has been activated in the settings, then pictures and / or videos (possibly with a random sorting) can be presented and at the end of the presentation again from the beginning.
These two options are e.g. great for using Apple TV to showcase your own ads in a shop window. Or just to play music videos in the background continuously…

In addition Gerhard pointed out to us that with several existing DLNA media servers, the access does not work as desired. Although one of the DLNA media servers can be accessed – but only the one who reports first. And that does not have to be the one which is to be accessed with nessMediaCenter.

Therefore, you can now optionally specify the server address of the DLNA media server in the settings – even a part of the server address is sufficient. If the server address of the DLNA media server is e.g., then it is enough to enter “:324”.

As before, the DLNA media servers are searched for via the standard interface of DLNA / UPnP and (depending on the settings of the respective DLNA media server) they register. This is very fast for some servers, but for some servers it takes longer.
The available DLNA media servers are displayed in the settings, so that one then sees how much of the server address must be specified in order to access the desired.

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