May there be some erotic? Or: why does Apple not publish nessViewer?


Since 3 month nessViewer is added to the Apple third-party list - according to Apple the max. time one has to wait for publishing.
But sadly nessViewer is not published - why? At least nessViewer is the only media center (as far as we know) that is using only Apple technology (e.g. QuickTime).

Unfortunatly Apple gives no information for this - so there is only speculation: is it the competition (because we "replace" applications of Apple) or is it the erotic content of the media center (which is only available optional, for registered users being over 18/21 years old).

Of course Apple has all rights to publish not all applications - but it might be helpful to know why.

Calming to know that also other offerer had to feel Apple's iron hand (,1518,624226,00.html and,1518,663123,00.html).