nessViewer (64 bit) & watching folders during a presentation


Jon from an University has send us a request: “I would like to share a folder on our network and allow students to drop images, movies and PDF documents into it and for those to be continually shown on a loop”.

Our first idea was to use the (nessViewer) AppleScript commands to start automatically a (new) media presentation if media was added to a folder and to extend the AppleScript commands to set this media presentation to “endless”.

But this solution has one disadvantage: each time new media was added to the folder, the current media presentation must be stopped and a new media presentation must be startet.

Therefore we decided to extend the 64 bit version of nessViewer to support “watching folders” if a media presentation has been started by clicking “present media” in the toolbar. If media will be added to the selected folder(s) or subfolders during the fullscreen presentation, then these media will be added to the presentation (after 10 seconds) and the presentation will start at the beginning.

Of course a started presentation can be set to “endless” and “random” (after moving the mouse up until the menu bar is visible to see the presentation menu). If new media has been found, then all media will be “sorted random” again.

A test version can be downloaded now. We will continue to test and wait for feedback of some users.

Please note that the 64 bit version of nessViewer requires at least Mac OS X 10.9.5.

Keywords: 64 bit, education, folder, nessViewer, presentation, student, university, watch