nessViewer 3.2 and nessMediaCenter 1.3 for Mac available


We added new internet TV content from Austria, Netherlands and Swiss: ATV, ORF, NL1, Net5, SBS6, VeronicaTV, RTS, SF. For French people the video podcasts offered at Swiss Television might be interesting.
These content will be automatically deactivated if the MediaCenter will be opened from another country - but it might be useful to activate it once: we were impressed by the very good documentations and reportages.

"Delete cookies" has been added to the nessViewer preferences at the tab "Media" to increase security and anonymity. According to the docu of Apple, this might also affect other applications (it is called Shared Cookie Storage) - but as far as we have seen cookies from e.g. Safari were not concerned.
Cookies which are necessary to view content are set automatically and removed if the provider has been changed.

Keywords: ATV, Austria, Internet TV, media center, Net5, Netherlands, NL1, ORF, RTS, SBS6, SF, Swiss, VeronicaTV