nessMediaCenter App 1.3.3 for AppleTV available


After we intensively tested miniDLNA, installed on the Raspberry Pi, we noticed a few things that were not so optimally.

On one hand, the date of videos was displayed in an illegible form and the duration directly behind it. Now the date is displayed localized and the duration in the 2nd line.

In addition, a preview is now displayed for videos. We have read the opportunity to create a cover for each video and to change the miniDLNA configuration. But that is too complex for us with so many videos.
However, the video preview may take 1-3 seconds to display – depending on the video.

And in general, the automatic selection did not work correctly with DLNA (both after selecting a menu entry and after returning to a higher level) – which has now been corrected.

Keywords: Apple, AppStore, DLNA, MediaCenter, Media Server, miniDLNA, TV, tvOS