nessMediaCenter 1.6.2 available in AppStore


nessMediaCenter 1.6.2 is now available in the AppStore - with the following changes:
1.) Preferences: Choice of the media center selection color
2.) modernized display of the selection
3.) optional presentation start from the current entry

In addition, "Open MediaCenter at startup" was renamed to "Open MediaCenter at application start", because "startup" has been interpreted by the review team as computer startup and this renaming is better understandable for the user as well.

Actually, this version corresponds to version 1.6.1 from 20.1., which was unfortunately rejected because of the ambiguous wording. By a faulty XCode upload, we had unfortunately to upload a corrected version as 1.6.2 on 28.1. - and therefore the release by Apple lasted this time 2 weeks.

The improved DLNA availability is not available in this AppStore version but will follow in the next AppStore version.

Keywords: Front Row, MediaCenter, media center, nessMediaCenter, Presentation, selection